Our Story

Frilly Simple was founded in 2013 by a military wife and mother of four who loves fitness and travel, waits in long lines at the commissary, watches five your olds attempt ehhhm play basketball, sends care packages, attends pre-school programs, waits for that precious FaceTime phone call, while enduring TDYs, PCSs and deployments!

It is a small company that was created to address a few key realities of the modern military lifestyle:

  • You've still got it!- Celebrating another birthday or adding to your brood does not equal "MOM" jeans. You are not giving up on yourself by wearing a solid tee that has be reinvented many times over. We can promise you that a new top with your favorite necklace will make you feel like a million bucks.
  • Shopping has become more like a job- You need a babysitter--no children allowed! Who has an entire day to rush around a mall (if you live near one) and speed through crowded parking lots (in foreign countries this proves difficult)? You can spend several frenzied hours only to find one cute shirt and a pair of earrings to come home to a sink filled with dirty dishes, trash dripping over the can, and cheetos in the toilet.
  • Selections are overwhelming- Wouldn't it be nice for somebody to keep up with the most relevant trends for you gauranteeing you will find clothing and accessories to love?
  • Time is precious- Today more than ever women have an immense responsibility to be experts at EVERYTHING and look great all the while. Let Frilly Simple style you while you pay the electric bill, bake cakes, create gifts for teachers, attend gymnastics meets, and give your beloved teen a self esteem pep talk.